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    Backhoe Rental Ottawa

    Bruce Hodgins Excavation has been serving the Ottawa and Carp areas for many years and wants to earn your business. Our loyal customers love our backhoe rental service; it keeps them coming back each time a new issue arises. Our customers are like our family.
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    Affordable Backhoe Rental Ottawa

    After many years of backhoe rental service in the Ottawa and Carp communities, we feel confident that we can cater to your needs. We get the job done and we don't just meet expectations; we exceed them. Our customers keep coming back because we're dependable, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.
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    Backhoe Rental in Ottawa

    We feel we can conquer almost any feat in this industry. In keeping with this mission, we offer a wide variety of services. No job is too big or small, as we treat each project with the same meticulous attention to detail.

Need A Backhoe Rental in Ottawa? We Have You Covered

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An Industry Leader in Backhoe Rentals in Ottawa


Whether you are a homeowner working on a renovation project, a company making some changes to your business or an industrial company that needs some extra equipment, we have you covered if you need a backhoe rental in Ottawa.


When you choose Bruce Hodgins Excavation you are in good hands. For years we have provided residents and businesses in the Ottawa are with the high quality equipment you need to complete your project.


Not sure what you need? Not sure how to approach a project? No problem. Our experienced team of professional contractors would be happy to provide you with some backhoe rental equipment advice. We will make sure you get the right equipment to get the job done right the first time.


Backhoe Rental Tips


  • Get the right backhoe for the job: The backhoe you rent will depend on the type of job you doing. You need to have the right equipment to ensure everything with the project runs smooth.
  • Understand what it can and can’t do: Before renting, make sure that your backhoe has the capabilities you need.
  • Size: Choosing the right size of backhoe is essential, especially if you are working in tight spaces.
  • Know the attachment you will need: Backhoes come with a number of different attachments. Some have buckets, other have jackhammers and other functional pieces. Make sure you choose the right one for the job you are completing.
  • Policy: Before renting, make sure you are aware of the usage policy.
  • Insurance: Make sure you have the proper insurance in place for the use of a backhoe rental in Ottawa.
  • Operator: Make sure that you have an experienced operator to use the equipment effectively and efficiently.


These are some of the many things that you need to consider when renting a backhoe in Ottawa. This will ensure you have the right equipment to complete your project.


Why Choose Us


We have developed a reputation for being the best supplier of backhoe rentals in Ottawa because we make it a point to ensure you get the right equipment for the job. Give us a call and find out what our valued customers already know about us:

  • We offer residential, commercial, and industrial services
  • We have an experienced team of contractors to assist you with all your backhoe and excavation project needs
  • We have a wide selection of backhoe’s available for rent
  • We offer you the professionalism and reliability that you expect
  • We take pride in developing long lasting relationships with our clients
  • We guarantee that our work will exceed your expectations


Get A Quote for A Backhoe Rental in Ottawa Today!


If you need a backhoe for your next project, don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your project needs and give you a free quote. We will ensure get the right equipment for the project you are working.


Learn more about your options for backhoe rentals in Ottawa by visiting our website at brucegodginsexcavation.com or by calling 613-913-0600